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A secure way to buy and sell modified, custom and exotic cars.

Integrating into ModLinQ, you can now list and sell your cars and attach the story of your car for sale. For the first time ever you can easily sell your car and build securely. Our platform helps verify your vehicle and the person buying your car for a safer way to sell and buy cars.

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More than just a sales platform.

We're more than a sales platform, we're revolutionizing vehicle sales, one Chip at a time. Our software integrates our NFC ChipLinQ technology to be integrated with the sale of your vehicle. This means if you place your ChipLinQ on your vehicle it will also show the for sale listing.

Potential buyers will simply scan the ChipLinQ that's on your vehicle and it'll show all the mods, information, back story, price and more to them. It'll also prompt them to fill out their information or to log in to get more information on the vehicle. Helping qualify and connect the buyer to sellers.

Our advanced tracking technology is a one of a kind software that will show you the user that scanned it, when they scanned it, how many times they scanned it and will help qualify the lead for you.

Ability to List Vehicles for Sale
ChipLinQ Access
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ChipLinQ Scan Tracking for Vehicle Sales
Qualified Lead Generation for Vehicle Sales
1 ChipLinQ
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Yes, we're serious, you can list your vehicle completely for free.

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