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2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee


When I first bought the Jeep, I only had intentions of modifying the exhaust considering it was too quiet as a 5.7. But after I installed the new exhaust, I had the itch to build my 5.7 in hopes of having it on par with my 392's I've owned in the past. To satisfy that desire, I started doing some research and came across National Speed in Wilmington, NC and they brought her alive. I've enjoyed her for the last 6 months; however, I've gotten to a new chapter in my life that doesn't necessarily need the Jeep or any performance related vehicle. Other things I value have become more priority (mainly starting a family) and another vehicle would be more feasible.


Slate Blue

Other Info

I also installed a Stainless Works exhaust which pairs perfectly with the long tube headers and cam. It gives the car a deep throaty sound which always draws compliments. As of today (26 October 2023), I still owe a little under 40k which would be my asking price if I were to sell it. If anyone would offer me that amount, it's theirs. The modifications I listed above are all the work I've done to the car which was bought at 19k miles (currently has 27k miles).

Performance Modifications

National Speed NS1 camshaft for 5.7L Hemi engines - intake duration: 220° - exhaust duration: 230° - intake lift: .596" - exhaust lift: .582" - lobe separation angle: 113°+2 - requires VVT ph
COMP Cams Hemi phaser lockout kit (Part #: 5760)
Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) valve spring set for 5.7L/6.2L/6.4L VVT Hemi engines using stock rocker arm ratio - spring specifications: 160lb seat at 1.875" install height, 395lb open at 1.225",
OEM Mopar valve guide seal for 5.7L/6.2L/6.4L VVT Hemi engines (Part #: 53022090AB)
Brian Tooley Racing chromoly pushrod, individual - 5/16" diameter - 8.100" long - .080" wall thickness (Part #: PR8100312)
Brian Tooley Racing chromoly pushrod, individual - 5/16" diameter - 6.800" long - .080" wall thickness (Part #: PR6800312)
OEM Dodge 6.2L HEMI Hellcat lifters - set of four with yoke - quantity of 4 required per engine (Part #: 5038784AD)
OEM Mopar non-MDS block valley plug - 4 required per engine (Part #: 53032221AA)
OEM Mopar short cylinder head bolt - 10 required per engine (Part #: 6506334AA)
OEM Mopar long cylinder head bolt - 20 required per engine (Part #: 6510280AA)
OEM Mopar upper engine gasket set for 2009-2022 5.7L VVT Hemi engines (Part #: 68417512AB)
OEM Mopar front timing cover gasket (Part #: 53021521AD)
OEM Mopar front crankshaft seal (Part #: 53021585AD)
OEM Mopar 2015-2021 SRT Hellcat 6.2L VVT Hemi engine oil pump (Part #: 68195993AD)
OEM Mopar engine oil pump pickup tube seal (Part #: 53020861)
OEM Mopar crankshaft pulley bolt for 2007-2021 5.7L Hemi, 2007-2010 6.1L Hemi, and 2011-2021 6.4L Hemi engines (Part #: 6510763AA)
NGK LFR6AIX-11 spark plugs - box of 4 - NGK heat range: 6 - thread: 14mm - thread pitch: 1.25mm - reach: 26.50mm (1.04") - hex: 5/8" (16mm) - seat: gasket - resistor - gap: .043" (1.10mm) - c
OEM MOPAR antifreeze/coolant - 50/50 prediluted - 150,000 mile OAT formula - 1 gallon (Part #: 68163849AB)
Kooks Headers long-tube headers for 2011-2021 5.7L Hemi SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango) - primary diameter: 1.875" - collector diameter: 3.00" - 304 stainless steel construction - 3.
OEM Mopar exhaust manifold gasket (without heat shield) for 6.1L, 6.4L, and 6.2L Hemi engines - left-side - note: for use with 5.7L Hemi engines with long-tube headers (Part #: 5038099AA)
OEM Mopar exhaust manifold gasket (without heat shield) for 6.1L, 6.4L, and 6.2L Hemi engines - right-side - note: for use with 5.7L Hemi engines with long-tube headers (Part #: 5038098AA)
JLT Performance Series II cold-air intake system with red filter for 2011-2021 Mopar 5.7L Hemi SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango) - ABS plastic construction - includes heat shield - 5.0
J&L OSC 3.0 air/oil separator for 2011-2021 Mopar 5.7L Hemi SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango) - mounting location: passenger side - black anodized aluminum finish (Part #: 3066P-B)
Driven Racing LS30 high-performance synthetic engine oil - 5W30 - 1 qt. (Part #: 02906)
OEM Mopar engine oil filter for 2015-2021 5.7L Hemi cars & SUVs, 2013-2021 5.7L/6.4L Hemi RAM (Part #: 4892339AB)
HP Tuners Smart Access cable for 2018+ Mopar vehicles (Part #: H-002-01)
HP Tuners Universal Credit - 1 credit (Part #: UC-0001)
National Speed HP Tuners RTD+ (Remote Tuning Device) - 0 Universal Credits preloaded - enables end user to read stock file, read DTCs, data log, and flash calibration files via TDN (Tuner Dea
Eibach Lowering Springs

Cosmetic Modifications

Tinted Windows (30%)
Tinted Headlights and Taillights (wrapped, can easily be removed)


2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X
5.7L Hemi




Montgomery, Alabama
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