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2018 Audi RS 3


Custom ordered our 2018 Audi RS3, and patiently waited 5 months for the car to arrive. She’s been the best, and most fun, car I’ve ever owned!! Still tweaking the mods at this point. But, they will be smaller from here on out. Having a car that goes 0-60=3.4s on 91oct is absolutely fantastic! We’ll see what she does on 93oct and even E85! In the meantime, eating some American muscle for breakfast is pure satisfaction. She doesn’t get a lot of attention. Until they realize they’ve just been beaten by a little red, 4 door sedan. UPDATE: I’ve gone E85.


Catalunya Red

Performance Modifications

APR Stage 2 Tune
APR Turbo Inlet
APR Carbonfiber Intake
APR Carbonfiber Air Filter Intake
APR Intercooler
APR Catless Midpipes
APR Mobile Dongle (map switching)
Dogbone Insert
AWE SwitchPath Exhaust
APR Upper Race Downpipe
APR Rear Anti-Sway Bar

Cosmetic Modifications

Roof (behind sunroof) wrapped to black
Signature Wheels-SV104 One Piece Forged Monoblock Design
[Wheel Size:19inch (8j - 13j)]
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
Ceramic Pro Coating - 9 year warranty


Mustang Dynoed:
498whp/622bhp on 93oct
481wtq/ on 93oct
552whp/690bhp on E85
543wtq/ on E85




Kansas City, Missouri
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