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Our Team

We're a bunch of crazy car people that are super passionate about technology.

Brandon Teller


Brandon first came up with the concept of a car social media site in 2015, with the purpose of connecting the community digitally even when cars weren't in season. After working on this technology and concept for a few years, the 2020 pandemic hit which enabled him to find the time to really bring this project to fruition. From there he pioneered and innovated the community and concepts with developing the first fully trackable and encrypted NFC device ChipLinQ to place on a vehicles. With this tracking technology, it enables to track location of car events, rallies, users and more. When he's not working on innovative car technology, he's working on utilizing the same technology to save diabetics lives through NFC tracking technology through advanced notification technology for low blood glucose levels. Being a T1D himself, his mission is to use the technology he's developed to improve lives of diabetics.

Mary Richardson


Mary's a passionate person that has engaged herself in sales and marketing throughout the years. She's a proven leader in management and sales conversion. Using her years of experience she's bringing this experience to engage with new users on the platform and bringing outreach to the exciting development and technology ModLinQ offers to the car community. When she's not working on exciting new engagements she enjoys driving with the top down in her 1 of 1 BMW M6.



Steven is a proven software developer with over 30 years in the industry building government level systems and companies. His work involves building advanced tracking systems that work with iOS devices, Satellites and more. He's provided his technical expertise to the ModLinQ team in building advanced tracking technology to bring car communities and users together.

Trent Jones

Social Media

Trent is heavily into modifying and building his vehicles. He's particarly interested into JDM cars and is using that passion to find like minded people and users to bring to the ModLinQ community.

Open Job Opportunities

Join our innovative team, we're always hiring and we're looking for the following.

Social Media Manager

A passionate and experienced person with social media growth and outreach.

Apply Here

React Native Developer

Experienced mobile developer with the following requirements.

- 2+ years of React Native Development
- Experience with Java
- Experience with Objective C
- Experience with Swift
- Portfolio will be required
- GitHub

Bonus Experience
- Laravel
- TailwindCSS
- React Native Tailwind Integration

Apply Here

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