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ChipLinQ is Here!

The ChipLinQ is an industry first—providing a tangible way to engage and connect with other vehicle owners and enthusiasts.

Our technology consists of a sleek, coded chip encased in a durable, eye-catching label that can be placed onto glass, plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.

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What is ChipLinQ?

ChipLinQ is a small, convenient 35mm chip that can be placed on any glass, fiberglass, plastic, resin, or carbon fiber surface of your ride, allowing people to easily discover more about your vehicle!

Stay Connected with ChipLinQ

Did you take that perfect shot of a car, but aren’t sure how to send the photo back to the owner?

Tap your phone to the ChipLinQ chip on their car to load their ModLinQ profile and attached social media profiles for the ability to reach out!

Trying to plan a drive or event with similar vehicles to yours?

Scan around at your local car meet to connect with like-minded owners who share the same passion you do!

How to use ChipLinQ

  1. Purchase your ChipLinQ using the link below.
  2. You will receive your chip already programmed from our development team.
  3. Place your chip on a clean surface that is non-metallic. Most of our users place their chip on a quarter window, but you can also place it on your windshield, carbon fiber, plastic or any glass surface.
  4. Simply tap or hover the top of your phone within 1 inch of the device* and it will take you to your profile here on ModLinQ.
  5. When logged in, you will automatically get points for user cars that you scan and the cars that they scan of yours, track your friends on the leaderboards.
* Please note that the device will automatically open on any iPhone 11 or higher, for older iPhones equipped with NFC technology you may need to download a NFC reader application. Similarly, most new Android devices and Google devices will auto open the link for you, but you may need a reader for older devices.


ChipLinQ is now available for purchase! You can purchase ChipLinQ for $14.99 per device or for $19.99 for two devices. Click the button below to purchase yours today.

ChipLinQ access includes all access to one garage. You can have as many devices as you'd like to your garage.

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