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2014 Volkswagen Beetle

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This is my 2014 Volkswagen Beetle, affectionately referred to by myself and friend as basicallya911 (its Instagram handle) or the "Beetle R" This car is a one-off Volkswagen Group of America corporate show-car/project build and the story of how I purchased this car is, in my opinion, a cool one. One of my closest friends, Chris, is the previous owner of this car. His father was a former executive at Volkswagen Group of America and shortly before he left the company, he purchased the car from VW. This car was originally built at Volkswagen's Puebla, Mexico plant, and started its life as a base-model 1.8 TSI Gen3 5-speed manual white Beetle. From there, it went to VAG's technical center in Detroit, MI where it was transformed by VW engineer Jonathan Saylor and his team into the car you see today. I purchased this car from Chris in February of 2018 with 25,200 miles on the odometer and have since proceeded to get it up above 39,000 in just under 8 months of ownership. It is my daily driver, my pride and joy, and I do not think I ever will, no, ever COULD sell this thing! ***I have just begun the process of implementing the few (and I do mean few) tasteful mods that I want to do on this car. I want to keep it as close to the way VW built it as possible, as it is quite a special car, and so nothing to drastic will be done to it. I will update the mod lists as each mod is completed.

Other Info

I would love to meet more VW enthusiasts in the DMV area, and especially more Beetle enthusiasts! Please feel free to hit me up! Shoot me a DM to the car's instagram @basicallya911 or my main page @carsandtrees!


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